Administration Division

The Secretary Administration heads the Division assisted by a Senior Deputy Secretary and other administrative officers.

It is the function of the administrative division to coordinate various functions in the Ministry. Among the coordination functions are the following:

  1.       Liaise with Parliament on Ministerial matters.
  2.       Liaison with County Assemblies.
  3.       Responses to parliamentary requests for statements, motions and petitions.
  4.       Development of policies and cabinet memos.
  5.       Manage linkage between the Ministry of Defense and other Ministries, Departments and Agencies including private sector agencies.
  6.       Follow up of KDF matters in liaison with Chief of Defense Forces.
  7.       Management of ministerial cross-cutting issues on HIV and AIDS, Alcohol and Drug abuse (ADA), Gender, Youth and Disability mainstreaming, Corruption prevention strategies and programs.
  8.       Execute responses to public complaints
  9.       Clearance of foreign military personnel aircraft and naval ships within Kenya’s Exclusive Economic Zone.
  10.       Workplace safety measures, staff welfare and office accommodation.
  11.       Employee and customer satisfaction surveys and implementation.
  12.       Clearance of members of staff for foreign travels.
  13.       Management of public relations.
  14.       Acquisition, preservation and purchase of Ministry’s land, plots and buildings.
  15.       Provision of transport fleet management services.
  16.       Responsible for secret registry management services.