Dealing with many of the world’s largest leading shipping companies; Somane Xpress are able to provide regular schedules at all principal ports throughoutthe five continents of the globe. This means that we can offer our customers various sea freight routes, departure dates, costing, and shipping transit times. Our established business relationships and standing in the logistics world, ultimately gives Eveland Freighters ability to obtain an excellent service and good rates for our customers.

Somane Xpress global network and associations with over 350 other independent freight forwarders in more than 100 countries, means we are able to call on a wealth of global freight transportation and freight forwarding knowledge, reduce costs and provide a safe, secure and timely freight forwarding service. Our Sea Freight logistics division is a highly valuable ally in yourquest to do business in far away regions of the globe. Be it Asia, South American or Europe, we can tailor~make a sea freight importing program for your business.