Project cargo is complex cargo which does not fit into the standard dimensions or weight restrictions of mass container freight, and therefore requires a specialist freight forwarder to manage the shipment.

Project cargo cannot be handled like normal freight shipments, it often requires specialist moving equipment, and transportation of the freight often requires complex planning, demanding a team of local and global associates with a hands on approach to ensure your freight is handled responsibly.

In addition to normal freight forwarder shipping procedures, the team our team also takes the following factors into consideration when working with project cargo:

  • Exceptional Dimensions & Weight
  • Awareness of Risk Factors
  • Analyzing Critical Aspects
  • Organizing specialized Transit
  • Loading and unloading Procedures
  • Onboard Arrangements
  • Contingency Plans

With hands on experience in many large scale global logistics efforts, our long and impressive portfolio of freight forwarding projects is known throughout the world as being the industry standard in logistics.

We take on the most challenging cargo projects with confidence and fine attention to detail, assuring a safe and optimal move each and every time.